Account Management

Manage your subscription plan, customers, workforce, teams and their privileges from a unified dashboard. Create customizable worktypes for different consultations and assign them to one or more providers. Manage your wallet, add or modify payment methods, and track your invoices and bills, and make payments on the same window.

Dictation Capture

Create save and upload dictations from your mobile device using our intuitive app. Track and manage your work schedule, filter and group them based on their status and enjoy the benefits of a wide range of settings that aid your productivity.

Job Routing

Set up rules for automated job assignment for your workforces and set turnaround times for jobs to optimize efficiency. Create workpools, add providers to them, map workforces to them, add stages and set up rules for each of them.

Speech Recognition

Convert your voice dictations into text using our AI-powered speech recognition engine. Make your transcription process smooth and efficient while improving accuracy, saving time and effort and increasing output and revenue.


A comprehensive text editor for transcriptionists manage and work on dictation jobs. Easily, accept or reject jobs, add and modify templates, split dictations, and perform a host of other actions on the dictation using intuitive built-in functionalities. The Editor comes packed with a host of other helpful features such as built in medical spell checker, foot pedal interface, etc.

Inference Engine

A powerful AI engine that infers details about the patient based on information available in the transcript using natural language processing. Our robust AI engine helps you leverage the transcription process and get more out of it and previously thought was possible. Get quick, accurate and actionable insights about the patient, from complex, unstructured text. Get more done, save time, and increase revenue.

EHR Sync

No more manually typing in each field of the patient EHR form. Sync the patient’s information from the transcript, directly with their Electronic Health Record using the power of AI, and keep their medical records up to date.

Intuitive Reports

Get a host of intuitive work-related statistics for your advantage. Track and manage the status of the jobs assign / reassign jobs to workforces, track and manage work volume, view various user statistics and billing reports.


The Cascade Web Application and Cascade Dictate Smartphone App are both HIPAA compliant, and all information exchanged is secured with 2048-Bit end-to-end encryption.