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CascadeMD Medical Transcription
  • Providers can record dictations anywhere/anytime using our intuitive, easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Cascade's AI Engine will extract meaningful information from your dictation and populate your EHR for you.
  • Practices can see increased revenue generated by happier, more productive providers.

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Did you end up being a data entry operator? Do you waste precious time filling out forms? Do you see fewer patients? Do you think you are losing out on the big AI wave?

CascadeMD for ProvidersWith Cascade you can do all this and more. See your voice notes converted automatically into text by our robust AI-engine. Have meaningful information extracted from the unstructured text to save you time.

Are your providers frustrated with the clinical documentation process? Are they resistant to change? Do they see fewer patients than they could and is their productivity impacted? Are you losing valuable time and revenue while they fill out EHR fields manually?

CascadeMD for Hospitals/ClinicsCascade can help! Cascade automates all the manual documentation processes, so that your providers are free to see more patients, thereby increasing their productivity and your revenue. What's more? Cascade is extremely customizable and offers advanced tools and reports to help you manage the workflow efficiently.

Are your revenues in a rut? Are you stuck with old tech? Are you missing out on the AI wave?

CascadeMD for MTSOsWith Cascade's simple, productivity-enhancing tools in addition to an AI-assisted transcription interface, you can generate more value from your transcriptionists' time and increase your revenue.

Are you a transcriptionist looking to make your free time productive? Do you want to have freedom of mobility? Do you want to be independent and enjoy the full range of benefits offered by an awesome AI-powered platform?

CascadeMD for TranscriptionistsCascade is your new best friend! You can sign up on our platform and take up transcription tasks at your pace. You will also have our cool AI engine assist you in your job. Cascade makes the entire transcription process smooth and hassle-free.

Are your customers resistant to updating EHR forms by themselves? Are they reporting loss in productivity because of this? Are you struggling to onboard new customers because of their apprehension?

CascadeMD for EHRsCascade with its powerful AI engine augments the process of updating the patient's EHR fields with information detected in the transcript, thanks to our powerful AI engine. This frees providers from documenting each encounter, enabling them to see more patients. Happy providers = happy customers.

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